Sailing with Young Ones

Three tips to make it fun for everyone.

1. Give them responsibilities

Giving your kids titles and keeping them involved is crucial to keep them happy while on the boat. Not to mention, you get a little help on board! Giving them titles such as first mate, ship’s cook, navigator, etc. gives them a feeling of purpose and importance that keeps them engaged and excited.

2. Don’t forget the snacks!

A well-fed crew is a happy crew. The last thing you need on board is a hangry 7 year-old.

3. Sometimes it is about the destination

For someone who loves the journey of sailing, sitting on a boat with no destination is nearly perfection. However, to a small child, there is nothing for him/her to look forward to. Having a fun destination like a special ice cream shop or a secret beach takes sailing from a chore to an adventure.


Shoutout to The Sailing Academy for some ideas.