New Costume Contest Rules

Please look over the following rules carefully. We have decided to switch things up this year for the costume contest and try something new 🙂 

Louie’s Last Regatta Costume Contest Rules

  1. Any crew can AND is encouraged to participate

  2. Votes for the best costume will be in the form of cash donations to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

  3. The Costume Contest winner is determined by which team raises the most amount of money (essentially $1 = 1 vote) between 3:30pm and 5pm

  4. Teams must use either a provided envelope or another collection bucket, bag, etc. of their choosing. Get creative! You can have your money collector match the theme of your costumes. Other appropriate collectors could be a draw string bag, a hat, or pillow case.

  5. Contest participants must turn in their “votes/donations” by 5:00pm

  6. The donations will be counted by Louie’s Last Regatta Staff

  7. The team with the most amount of donations/votes* wins!

*Please note – the costume donations do not count towards your overall boat total.

Have fun and get creative!