Meet Sharmia!

Sharmia benefited from the early interventions provided through Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in our community. She and her older brother, MarQualis, met Gerri, a school nurse who — as part of the Children’s Hospital Community Services program — was housed on the lower level of Milwaukee’s LaFollette Elementary, where MarQualis attends school.

MarQualis had a severe case of eczema involving scaly, itchy and painful rashes that spread throughout his body. Gerri worked closely with the family and their primary care provider to facilitate a treatment plan, and today ointment is administered regularly at the school nurse’s office as part of MarQualis’ daily routine. Due to the family-centered care provided by Gerri, Sharmia received early diagnosis and treatment for her own eczema rash, and her condition was never given the chance to become severe. Now that’s something to smile about.