5 Reasons Your Child Should Learn to Sail

Sailing encompasses many traits and skills that a child can use throughout almost all aspects of life. The event helps grow and shape children as they get older and learn the value of teamwork, persistency, and hard work. Below are 5 reasons why you kid should learn to sail.

1. Self-Confidence
When a child is given the opportunity to contribute in piloting the waters, it gives them the feeling that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. This confidence is beneficial in a child’s education and social life.

2. Spatial Awareness
In sailing you will learn how to avoid collisions as well as navigate through tight spaces and corners. When your kid is able to develop confidence in spatial awareness they are able to bring it to other activities that involve coordination and critical thinking.

3. Sense of Direction
When out sailing, kids will learn how to navigate the waters by distinguishing landmarks and determining directions. By mastering this skill they will be better able to assess their surroundings, which is important in many aspects of everyday life.

4. Weather Knowledge
Knowing what direction a storm is coming from or what temperature the water is, are all things your child will learn when he or she becomes a sailor. Having this handy knowledge is not only beneficial on the water, but on land as well.

5. Shipshape Habits
A part of sailing is ensuring proper preparation and checks are fulfilled before departing the shore. Children sailing will learn that precision and teamwork is imperative to become successful.

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